34 weeks Before 2020 CRT Opening

Pay attenti8on to CRT high-end forums, seize each opportunity in radiation technology industry

3 high-end forums bring you to explore the newest industry market and core technology

CRT China Radiation Technology conference will hold together with three forums for hot topic, discuss about the latest industry trends and technology direction in these three hot topics: the application of radiation technology , Nuclear and Radiographic Medical Technology, radiation protection.

CRT forums will take place in Shanghai from November 12th ~ 14th 2019, together with China Radiation Technology Conference at the same time.

Three forums will help you to master the Hard & Core Technology, regulation and new trends worldwide in radiation industry. 

Secretary-General of People's Republic of China national atomic energy agencyFormer Deputy Director of Technology and Industry for National Defence

Chairman of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology

Chairman of China Isotope and Radiation Association Chief Engineer of China National Nuclear Corporation

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Academician of the Chinese Academy of SciencesDean of School of Radiation Medicine and Protection, Soochow University

Academician of Chinese Academy of EngineeringDeputy director of Institute of modern physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dean of China institute of atomic energy

Director & Professor of Institute of irradiation technology of Soochow University

Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, China

Academician of the Chinese Academy of SciencesDean of School of Radiation Medicine and Protection, Soochow University

Chairman of Chinese Society of Nuclear MedicinePresident of Shanxi Medical University 

Dean of China institute of atomic energy

President of Shanghai University of Medicine and Health SciencesChief Editor of Chinese Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

General Manager of China Isotope & Radiation Corporation

Dean of China Institute for Radiation Protection

Chairman of Nuclear Medicine Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor AssociationHead of Nuclear Medicine department of Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Capital Medical University 

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Academician of the Chinese Academy of SciencesDean of School of Radiation Medicine and Protection, Soochow University

Vice Dean of China Institute of Atomic Energy

Dean of China Institute for Radiation Protection

Chief Expert of Radiation Safety, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

Superintendent of Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Superintendent of Radiation research institute, National Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology

Deputy director of Division of Ionizing Radiation Metrology, National Institute of Metrology, China

9 Parallel Forums:   1.Radiation technology application (radiation processing)  2.Nuclear technology application equipment and materials  3. Radiation medicine (nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, radiation medicine)     4. Radiation protection  5 Radiation technology and military-civilian integration  6. Industry-university-research finance  7. Radiation biomedicine  8.  Radiochemistry    9. Terahertz radiation technology

6 Parallel Forums:    Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, X-ray diagnosis, radiation oncology, interventional radiology, medical imaging AI system and medical radiation protection

1. New achievement and perspective of radiation protection...2. Natural radiation protection...3. Monitoring and evaluation of radiation environment...4. Occupational disease and radiation protection...5. Ionizing radiation Measuring and its measuring instrument...6. Electromagnetic radiation protection and shielding...7.  Radiation Hygiene (Radiation protection for Nuclear and Radiographic Medicine)...8. Radiation protection for particle accelerators...9. Emergency system for nucleus and radiation...10. The security and safety of radioactive materials transporting...11. Radioactive waste management and decommissioning of nuclear 

Conference Program

+86-21-67860352 (Monday~Friday 9:00 ~17:30)

Email: elsa_wansha@126.com

CRT 2020 

The Second China Radiation Technology Conference

Time: 2020 August 14~16 (Friday~Sunday)    

Venue: National Exhibition and Convention Center 

            Shanghai, China